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He always knows -- no matter how quietly you get out the leashes,
how you smuggle the show bag out to the car,
you're going to a dog show and he knows it.
He sits beside the cabinet where the show gear is stowed
as you bustle about attending to the last minute details.
His ears flat, a hopeful gleam in his eyes,
he looks at you.
It is as close as he will come to begging.
You pause for a moment to rub behind his ears,
guilty at leaving him and you think back ...
Remember how it was not so terribly long ago,
when show dog meant just you and him,
striking out in the early morning before the sun came up to burn away the fog?
Everything was bright and new and life was simple.
He was the most beautiful dog in the world
- before you learned about angulation and side-gait.
And your goal then was a ribbon, maybe blue.
And now its points and titles -- anything less is an expensive disappointment.
Once you took pride or found fault in your own performance
(before you became the "savior of the breed"),
feeling duty-bound to monitor the strivings of others.
Politics once applied only to elected officials.
Would you go back again? Maybe not.
You move on -- it's nearly time to go.
He gets up to follow you from room to room --
age and arthritis narrowing his limits.
You tell him that he will have to stay home,
and turn away before his tail droops slowly to the floor.
And so you leave.
You see his head at the window as you drive away.
Always remember the nobility of his character and the trust in his eyes,
and vow never to do anything to dishonor him -
your old show dog.




Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.

Catch me if you can!

~ Aberdale began in 1990 and was established with the CKC in 1993  ~

"Where quality is no co-incidence"

In the past I have been both active in and out of the conformation ring with my introduction to shelties starting in 1990 which culminated in an OTCh (Obedience Trial Champion) in 1994 with my first sheltie OTCh.  Tam Ann's Bit Of A Difference Am CDX, FbM. CGN Multi Am/Can HIT. He was also 9th Top (all breed) Obedience dog and 4th top obedience sheltie in Canada for 1994 (Huge thanks goes out to Deb Desjardine (Campaign Dog Academy) and Isobel Hutton for your friendship and knowledge over the years).  In the midst of starting in obedience I was getting involved in beginning my "line" of shelties and began my start in the conformation ring with the purchase a young bitch from Joan Guest (Mountaintop shelties) who gave me my start showing in the conformation ring and  became Can. Ch. Mountaintops Rumor Has It "Whisper"  who sadly does not trace back from any of my present day dogs. My main mentor was Cathy Pickard of Kincardine shelties who so freely shared her friendship and knowledge of structure and movement and greatfully shared a beautiful sable bitch Ch. Kincardine Aberdale Cavalcade,  who is the foundation of  my lines. I in turn have helped share that knowledge to many other sheltie fanciers hopefully continuing the great knowledge of structure and movement that was so graciously shared with me. I will not forget the very backbone of my breeding program and who I am forever in debt to, Randy Sheets of Krentel Shelties for believing in me enough, a young novice breeder with big dreams, to entrust a beautiful blue merle puppy with me 2 years after I called him up to inquire when I fell in love with the beautiful outline in the Sheltie Pacesetter of this puppy's sire. This blue merle puppy  is the late Am.Can.Ch.Krentel Aberdale Silversmith ROMC  "Sterling" who went on to be the sire  of 20 Canadian Champions and 1 Am. UKC Champion. I am proud to see others carry on down with my lines and who have kept their standards high as well in health, temperament and structure. My dogs have excelled in all venues on both sides of the border and overseas and are behind several kennels now, proving not only do we breed for true sheltie beauty and structure but brains and good health as well.  I strive to always maintain the breed standard in mind when doing any breedings, always seeking to improve each and every generation, and always strive  for healthy happy dogs with sound structure, temperament and personalities so that they can excel as family pets first and foremost and still maintain the classic beauty and qualities of the wonderful little dog I am devoted to,  the dog they call the sheltie, or shetland sheepdog.
 I am a long time breeder of quality Canadian Kennel Club registered Shetland sheepdogs. 
I try to health check my dogs prior to breeding and I screen eyes, thyroid, hips, VWD  (bleeding disorder) and MDR1 (drug sensitivity). Member of the Canadian Kennel Club  since 1991.
I am not a commercial kennel, and DO NOT supply to pet stores, puppy mills, "designer dog" breeders or dog wholesalers. All puppies are born  in my bedroom beside my bed not in a "puppy room or dog room" and are raised in the middle of my family room beside my kitchen. All dogs not sold as show/breeding prospects to proven show homes are sold on strict spay/neuter contracts and will be required to be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age .  All my dogs are not just a part of my family, they ARE my family and loved as such!
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