Updated November 09 2017

    Aberdale's Moonlight Serenade


    (Ch. Aberdale's Blackjack ex Aberdalesheldalefabina Glitter)

    has been bred to Quentin and confirmed in whelp. She is due Dec 11 2017

    Sables, Sable Merle, Blue Merle and Tri possible

    Aberdale Continuum RAE


    ((Aberdale's Carbon Copy ex Aberdale Quintessence RE)


    Each litter that I carefully breed is for myself to possibly retain a promising puppy or two for my own breeding program. All of my companion puppies are from these occasional litters and sometimes they are a nice puppy that could be shown if I so desire but I just decide to place in a pet home instead or a puppy that isn't totally up to my standard for showing purposes eg: just a bit too big/small or ears not 100% right or wrong eye color or too much white on the body. Sometimes I may offer a nice show/breeding prospect available on co-ownership only to an approved co-owner if I feel the puppy has enough virtues that I feel should be retained if not by me by someone who would appreciate them virtues. I do not breed to pad the market of show prospect puppies like other breeders do to boost their own ego of how many show dogs they have produced, nor breed to the latest ASSA winner or popular stud of the month to make my puppies more saleable. I breed usually within my own gene pool or similar lines to a male whom I feel will complement that girl best, breeding as I have always done, towards the correct sheltie always keeping the standard (sheltie blueprint of the ideal sheltie) in mind. It may even be a dog that has never seen the show ring. Just because a dog has its Championship does not mean its correct and to the standard. The owner may have enough money to throw away to have the dog shown. Any "professional" handler who is good at grooming and handling can finish about anything even if it is not a correct dog. A pretty, groomed dog in a picture that has a Championship does not mean its correct and to the standard. However many good breeders who know correct may not show their dogs for various reasons but that does not mean they don't produce correct well bred dogs. I know many breeders who have shown very correct dogs and have gotten dumped in the ring to a "pretty face dog" shown by a handler and I know many older breeders who have withdrawn from showing their dogs but still retain their high standards and produce lovely correct representatives.

    I breed the occasional litter working as I have for the past 20+ years, towards improving each generation with the hopes of having a puppy or two to grow out. Occasionally getting a litter I am very happy with and growing out several. I never breed a litter with the sole intent of selling all of them. However having said that over time they may eventually all end up being sold if they do not turn out to be what I was hoping for from that particular cross that would carry on the improvement I was looking for to take to the next generation. I also never take deposits on entire litters once they are born as my sole intention is to hopefully have a puppy that I feel is worthy to grow out and that can not be totally assessed until the puppies are at least up on their feet and at that point I may decide I like more then one.  I usually keep in touch with prospective puppy buyers and once the puppies are on the ground if there are some that immediately are not what I am hoping for (wrong color (eg: black if I was hoping for a sable, etc), wrong sex (eg: boys if I was hoping for girls etc), from that litter and it is turning out to be what the buyer was looking for then I will ask for a deposit to hold a puppy or two, holding back the ones that have caught my eye until I make my final pick(s). Therefore sometimes I may have an older puppy available that just did not develop into what I was hoping for but in the same token a very nice puppy. (many times I have grown out a gorgeous puppy that was riding the top of the growth chart and it just kept growing and went oversize). If I have a request for a specific type of puppy (perhaps a performance puppy with a certain type of attitude or structure or a very nice show puppy or just a certain "companion"), then I will keep my eyes on the litter for a suitable puppy fitting their requirement from birth but I do not reserve puppies from a litter prior to them being whelped until I have made my decision of what I am going to keep.